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There's Always Hope.....

When our oldest son, Preston, was diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis at age four our world came to a halt. His bile ducts narrowed and nothing could get through. He was placed on a National Liver Transplant list and within six months he received a cadaveric donor liver. For every month of his life he would have to have his blood drawn to see if his liver was functioning properly. He would also take countless pills a day in order to maintain the new liver and keep his body from rejecting it. For the next thirteen years Children's Healthcare of Atlanta became our second home. We had frequent ambulance rides in the middle of the night and because of him being immunosuppressant he also missed a lot of school. He adjusted well and seemed to have a lot of friends. He was able to play JV baseball in his sophomore year of high school and able to go to the prom. However, God wanted to get our attention once again it seemed and in 2012 he shook up my son's world. The first transplant got my attention to start looking to God and accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. The second transplant is what got my Preston's attention. The bile ducts started narrowing again. He became jaundice. He lost weight. He tried a surgical procedure to re-route the ducts into the instestines and developed Crons' disease. He developed high blood pressure. He then cried out to the Lord at Emory University Hospital in the shower. God was waiting for that. In April 2013 just twelve days after being listed with the National Liver Transplant waiting list for another liver we got the call. A young girl had a tragic tree accident where the tree pinned her and she did not survive. Her mother thought to ask about organ donation. Preston Mott received her liver. For more info on Preston's donor go to www.rachelsrayofhope.com there you will find a mom named Keri on a mission just like me to bring Hope. To donate to Preston's life time trustee go to www.cotaforprestonm.com   Preston is currently attending his second year at the Baptist College of Florida and made the Dean's list his Freshman year. Although he still gets needle pokes, takes around twenty pills a day, he clings to the hope we have in Jesus Christ our Lord. Thank you for your continued prayers. ~ Blessings, Dawn Glaser


Harvesting Hope Ministries was a vision of mine as Preston Mott's mother to give care packs to children and their families with the gospel message of Hope in Jesus in them. We made it a non profit from 11/2013 to 12/2014. I quickly found I could not run it in my own strength.  God has clearly told me I can bring Hope to anyone without a non-profit 501c3 status. 2014 was an awesome year in that we were able to meet many families, pray with them, and share our story. However, God is in control and we are trusting in Him to bring people in our pathway who need Hope to share our story with without the title behind our name. We don't know what 2015 has in store but we are trusting in God to deliver! May you always feel His presence through the power of the Holy Spirit. If you have a child with a life threatening illness I pray you lean on the Lord to see you through.~ Dawn Glaser ( Isaiah 41:10 was the verse I held on to through my son's second liver transplant and I would like to lend it to you)